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Trust in care Production - coming soon

Many young people in care are misunderstood and are seen to have behavioural problems and therefore struggle to go onto further and higher education after school. This means that their opportunities for employment can be severely narrowed due to them not having exposure to potential career paths. It is important for young people in care to have an artistic outlet and to show them how that artistic outlet could become a realistic career option for them. Derbyshire County Council's Virtual School are conducting a "World of Work" project and have partnered with Rationale Arts to deliver an artistic program to give young people in care the opportunity to experience different aspects of theatrical production from shadowing directors, choreographers, scriptwriters, music producers, sound and lighting technicians. Once the shadowing phase is complete, the young people will then become artistic consultants and help create scenes for a new theatrical production which looks at what it means to be a young person living in the care system. The young people will have the opportunity to either perform alongside professional dancers and actors or to operate the sound and lighting cues for the performances. During this project the young people will be taught the practicalities of what is needed to have successful career within the arts and will be signposted to relevant courses and training opportunities to help them realise their ambitions of developing their own artistic journey

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