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Rationale Arts aim to promote, improve and maintain public education and appreciation of the arts, specifically but not exclusively the Art of Dance, Music and Theatre by the presentation and the provision of workshops in dance, music and theatre. 

About Rationale Arts Charity

Why Was The Charity Formed?

Rationale Arts charity was formed in 2019 after identifying a need for art to be made equally accessible to both disabled and non-disabled members of the community.


The charity aims to bridge the gap between disabled and non-disabled artists and strives to give members of the public the opportunity to engage with art in a variety of ways.


The charity focuses on utilising different artistic practices to teach members of the community transferable skills that can go on to help them live fulfilling lives.

Theatrical Productions

Before becoming a charity Rationale focused its energy on creating high-quality theatrical productions that toured nationally.


Rationale was renowned for energetic hip hop inspired productions that utilised physical theatre, dance, spoken word and beatboxing to bring highly relatable productions to culturally diverse audiences.


Now as a registered charity Rationale Arts aims to pass on their knowledge and expertise on how to create theatrical productions for the benefit of the community.

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