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Rationale Arts Charity Dance Club Group




High-Quality Productions
Rationale Arts Charity Dance Club Group



Rationale Arts make high-quality theatrical productions that are informed about real-life experiences that reflect the society that we live in.


Our productions are of a professional standard and merge Hip hop and Contemporary dance with beatboxing, spoken word and poetry to create emotion fuelled stories that audiences from all walks of life can relate to.

Before becoming a charity Rationale focused its energy on creating high-quality theatrical productions that toured nationally. Rationale Arts was renowned for energetic hip hop inspired productions that utilised physical theatre, dance, spoken word and beatboxing to bring highly relatable productions to culturally diverse audiences.


Now as a registered charity Rationale Arts aims to pass on their knowledge and expertise on how to create theatrical productions for the benefit of the community.

To catch a flavour of our productions check out our video below. Click here to read a recent blog about one our recent productions.


Promotional Video Rationale Arts Charity
Rationale Arts Charity Dance Club Group


   I attended the performance/workshop on the evening of Friday 21st Feb 2020 at Derby theatre and just wanted to say ‘thank you’ for a brilliant evening! I’ve worked with Children in Care for 17 years now and have rarely seen such a positive, empowering performance. It’s easy (and entirely understandable)  for ‘our’ children to get stuck in a mire of negativity and it’s hard as a professional and a human being to be able to draw out hope and positivity without sounding insensitive.


I was so moved to see some of the performances, but I remember all those young people from when they were in junior school.

Helen Pridmore
Assistant Head, Virtual School for Children in Care, Derbyshire County Council

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