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Paint Jam - Sheffield


On Sunday the 7th of August Rationale Arts performed at an event called Paint Jam which was organised by Site Gallery as part of their Out And About series. The day was made up of some of Sheffield's best painters and artists coming together to reanimate Sheffields Cultural Industries Quarter with vibrant paintings from Graffiti writers to visual artists. A Dj provided an energetic soundscape to the event, playing genres that spanned, funk, house and hiphop. Rationale Arts turned the heat up with an explosive dance performance that combined breakin, popping, waackin and lockin. Our team created a bespoke performance for the Paint Jam which saw our dancers getting metaphorically painted into positions before coming to life and dancing. Our performance was met with thunderous applause and inspired the audience to get up and dance themselves. Later in the afternoon the team delivered our ACTs of Creativity workshops where both children and their parents learned hiphop dance moves that were combined with meditation and mindfulness techniques to help improve mental health. The participants learned how these techniques can help with distress tolerance, emotional regulation and has theraputic uses to treat depression, anxiety and PTSD. The workshops were engaging and were great ways for entire families to bond. All in all the Paint Jam was a huge success and we look forward to performing at more great events like this in Sheffield.

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