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Festival on the Square

Updated: Mar 1, 2022

Last August, Rationale Arts was given the amazing opportunity to be a part of a brand new two week festive. Festive on the Square. The festival took place in Sheffield, Tudor Square and its goal was to highlight the creative arts in the city. Offering workshops, performances, music and movie screenings. Rationale Arts gave free outdoor dance sessions that focused on Hip Hop and breathing techniques. Specifically how Breakin and Popping can act as a form of meditation when combined with controlled breath work. This gave participants knowledge of the fundamentals of the dance forms and a introduction to how our emotions and performance can be effected by breath and therefore controlled. These sessions offered a exciting and welcoming environment in which people of all ages came and joined in. Some returned for multiple sessions through the duration of the festival. We were fortunate to lead these sessions and give back to Hip Hop and Rationale Arts by sharing the knowledge we have with the community we grew up in.

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